The Consortium

The complementarity of the partners directed the formation of the PORQUE consortium. Each partner brings a unique and clearly defined expertise and value to the consortium.

SWC brings in long-term experience and expertise in project management, requirements engineering, semantic technologies, and software engineering. As of the complementary nature of the consortium SWC will benefit from the knowledge and experience of SiteFusion in business process modelling and workflow engines as well as content management systems and from UPB in regards of knowledge exchange in knowledge graphs,machine translation and question-answering engines.

SiteFusion contributes its long-term experience in the field of information management and the connection of services to the integrated workflow engine to the project, and benefits from knowledge exchange and experience of other partners in the field of semantics and question-answering.

Paderborn University is leading the research field in knowledge graphs and brings methods and algorithms to the consortium. This complementary consortium has one goal: Advancing the state-of-the-art in polylingual hybrid question answering and casting the newly acquired and evaluated insights into one joint solution.